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    by Published on 08-20-2014 03:45 PM

    For heavy hitting powerboaters all roads lead to the Lake of the Ozarks. DCB's are fast and showcase some of the best rigging and manufacturing quality available anywhere.

    The Lake of the Ozarks shootout is THE PLACE to show how well they run. As I write this , Win Farnsworth's M41 "Silver Lining"running Mercury racing QC4v 1350's is en route as well as a brand new M35 also with Mercury Racing 1350's. Tony Chiaramonte
    by Published on 08-18-2014 09:58 PM

    Boat Week in Destin could be just too much fun and with so much going on. We had a pretty solid plan for the Emerald Coast Poker Run this year. I was going up to Throttle the 50 Outerlimits "Golddigger" with boat owner David Landsman and his entourage from Showcase Motorsports Poker Run Team on my flight were Larry Goldman of Xtreme Powerboats, who was Throttling a new 48 MTI with Mercury Racing 1650 QC4v's and Randy Sweers running Denis Rias 48 MTI with Mercury Racing 1350 QC4v.
    by Published on 08-18-2014 09:38 PM

    Northern California Big Cat Poker Run a Success

    For those lucky enough to take in the Northern California Delta boating experience at the 14th Annual Big Cat Poker Run this past weekend were treated to a 70 plus boat count and over 125 miles of fabulous water and boating conditions.

    This event draws far and wide from the West Coast and the range of boats involved in the last few years has grown exponentially. We know there were
    by Published on 08-14-2014 03:48 PM

    Devin Wozencraft and his Poker Run Team are on the road again working to bring their brand to Powerboating events around the country. With a hotspot powering a mobile office the team headed out to this weekends big Cat Poker Run on the California Delta at Discovery Bay, serving clients all along the way.

    Andy and Tahah writing boat insurance on the drive to Discovery Bay

    Brad and Kim Stewart of E Ticket Boats are trialering the WOZENCRAFT E Ticket from Lake
    by Published on 08-14-2014 12:30 PM

    Yep that's right our own fearless patriarch Brad Schoenwald was detained today by Federal Bureau of investigation in South Florida's Miami international airport.

    It seems as if in a rush to make the Destin Poker run, Mr. schoenwald had forgotten to leave his concealed weapon at home. As Brad entered security and his belongings were inspected it was quickly apparent to TSA that they had a situation. Rumors are they may
    by Published on 08-14-2014 10:27 AM

    Mark Fischer has been a friend and fellow boating companion for years. Mark used to have other brands build his boats for him and now for a few years he has been building boats for others as the owner of Blackwater boats and Ocean Hawk. Mark and is wife Eileen are also the owners of the uber-successful Offlease Only car dealerships.

    For sometime now the Miami rumor mill has been swirling about the opportunity of Deep Impact being for Sale. At the Lake
    by Published on 08-12-2014 02:48 PM

    Roger “Deets” Winslow, is missing and presumed dead after he was ejected from his Elmininator on Lake Berryessa, California on Saturday.

    Winslow was driving his Twin Engine Eliminator along a section of Lake Berryessa called The Narrows with two passengers on board when something caused the boat, which had been driving on a straight course, to rock suddenly in one direction and jerk back in another. The force threw him over the side ...
    by Published on 08-12-2014 01:09 PM

    EVOLUTION. Evolution is what your witnessing right now in the performance engine business. The driving forces behind this evolution are technology and push by consumer demands. Goodwin Competition is leading the way with their very own engine platform and right now two full sets of their latest offerings are being readied for Bill Pyburn and Chris Bradley's new Platinum Skaters.

    The engine industry has had some limitations with what is available for use to build custom high horsepower engines. It hasn't stopped the
    by Published on 08-11-2014 09:22 PM

    SkaterFest 2014 was another great success in the 2014 boating season. High profile personalities, fast boats, and a private venue that is a powerboaters dream home were all on hand for this trip. Thanks again to Chip Miller of Miller Marina as Powerboat Nation was once again able to capture some of the life on video from his quadcopter.

    Fast boats, fun people all enjoying a great time on Lake St Clair. We hope you enjoy
    by Published on 08-09-2014 05:53 PM

    Marine high performance engines demand the very best of everything to make power and most importantly last for more than one season in the harsh extremes of performance powerboating. Chief Performance has been building the very best high performance engines for over 20 years and the extreme details to which Tommy and his crew drive everything down to have brought a long list of loyal customers.

    To begin the build of a 1275 H.P Chief engine Tommy starts with

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